This March we celebrated Women’s History Month at Harnish Auto Family. Women bring a different perspective and skillset and we wanted to really recognize the work that they do and their unique abilities that they bring to the dealership. Each day we highlighted a different woman that works here on our social media pages across all five of our dealerships and gave them each the opportunity to share a little about themselves and what they love about working in the auto industry. One of our stores even gave their ladies flowers, donuts and manicures over at a local nail salon to celebrate them on International Women’s Day, March 8th. It is so important to share the value that women bring to the dealership and so we also put together a video highlighting our female employees from all five of our dealerships in all different kind of positions to demonstrate that there is always room for women and that the auto industry and Harnish Auto Family wouldn’t be the same without them here. Thank you to all the ladies for the hard work that they do - we wouldn’t be us without you!
The auto industry has so many unbelievable opportunities for women whether it's in service, sales, marketing, accounting, finance and more. The most important thing is for women to not be afraid of the industry - retail is retail no matter what you’re selling. We are so blessed that we get to build opportunities for women to thrive in the auto industry at Harnish Auto Family” - Shannon Harnish, President of Harnish Auto Family.Untitled (1200 × 1000 px) (1400 × 1000 px) (1400 × 850 px) (1350 × 850 px).pngWOmens Day VW.jpgCelebrating Women's History Month at Harnish Auto Family.png
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